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7 Steps You Should Take Before Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Most people do not like to spend all weekend cleaning the house. Today, you can find many models of robotic vacuum cleaners, able to automatically perform this hard work. The owner simply presses the button, sits back and watches how this "smart" device rides around the apartment and sucks all the dust and dirt on its path. It's even easier with programmable automation of such devices: you just need to set a timer - and the robot vacuum cleaner will start working exactly when you want! However, you need to take 7 important steps before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Choose the Most Functional Cleaner in 7 Simple Steps

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner and not make a mistake? Check which steps you need to take to get the household helper, which will meet your individual requirements.

  • Check the presence of a garbage-collecting base: If you want to buy a cleaner for a 1-room apartment, having a large base will create a lot of inconveniences.
  • Pay attention to the cleaning time: It is determined by the capacity of the battery: the more the robot holds the charge, the more area will be cleaned.
  • Check the presence of 1-2 lateral brushes: They provide cleaning in hard-to-reach places, grab a large space around themselves during the cleaning process. The principle of their work is based on raking garbage to the central brush.
  • Ask if there is a wet cleaning function: To the automatic dust collector is mounted a tank with water, which must be periodically washed, and water should be changed. To the underside of the vacuum cleaner is attached a damp, porous napkin that ensures the wiping of the floors. It requires a fairly frequent shift. It is desirable to use water filtered or completely cleaned, since impurities contaminate and clog the filter.
  • Have a look at how it is building a map of the room: High-quality robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba 960 vs 980 are equipped with navigation cameras. Some cleaners are able to shoot the ceiling while driving. In collisions, information about obstacles is recorded on the memory card, and the next cleaning technique works with better efficiency.
  • Check the dust collector capacity. A large volume of waste disposal can be inconvenient.
  • Check whether it has an UV lamp. To get rid of viruses and pathogens, the ultraviolet lamp should be turned on for at least 15 minutes. Vacuum cleaner robot stops at 1 square m for no more than 2 minutes, this means that the UV lamp will not have time to properly process the surface. Therefore, the presence of UV radiation in practice is not of particular benefit but adds to the price of a robot vacuum cleaner.

Check reviews before buying a cleaner not to make a mistake. Don't hurry with the cleaner selection of the model because a high-quality cleaner will become a great helper about the house for years while the cheap low-quality model will not perform its functions well.

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