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A Guide for Those Who Want to Learn How to Play Dota 2

Don’t know where to start? Do not rush into battle ahead of time. In general, before starting to play, it will be very useful to complete the training missions in order to master at least the basic concepts on which Dota 2 is built. One of the most common mistakes that newcomers make in Dota 2 is to rush to the first enemy hero at the very beginning of the match in order to destroy him as soon as possible, gaining experience, gold and the respect of his teammates. It will surely come to bloodshed, and without killing a single opponent, of course, you cannot win here.

But in Dota 2, the initial stage of the match is usually devoted to the gradual leveling of the characters, in order to better develop their abilities and fill the backpacks with useful items. And then, go kill with the whole team. Check the useful tips and tricks to succeed in dota 2 betting after you become a pro.

Tips for Dota Beginners

Therefore, in the beginning it is better to play carefully. Use your creeps as a human shield, try to follow the movement of opponents and attack only in two cases.

  • Firstly, if you are playing the hero of support and you just want to cut the enemy slightly, so that gradually with such exhausting attacks you can knock him off too much health and make him spend medicinal items (or prepare him for this raid). Here, it is important to be sure that you will be able to retreat in time and you will not become a victim of offended opponents, therefore it is most convenient for the heroes of ranged combat to do so.
  • Secondly, it is worthwhile to attack in full force if you are absolutely sure of the success of the business. For example, if a partner left his partner, and he himself lost vigilance and dangerously approached your outer tower. Or, if another member of the team came to you on the road, who could suddenly fly into battle and was just waiting for the right moment for that, hiding behind the trees. Well, as in most situations, it will not be out of place to coordinate the attack with your teammates in advance.

Choose the Right Hero

Drow Ranger is considered a "Nubian" hero. It's really relatively easy to play for it - don't be afraid to use it. In Dota 2, there are more than a hundred playable characters - when you first start playing, it is no wonder that you get confused. In this case, the choice of the hero can greatly affect what kind of game the game will appear to you and how difficult it will be at first.

Perhaps, the worst thing you can do at the start is to start playing a character with complex mechanics or requiring a large amount of microcontrol. Therefore, if you want to save yourself and teammates from unnecessary problems, do not initially take on such heroes as Invoker, Meepo, Io, Elder Titan, Enigma, Rubick, Ancient Apparition. It is also better not to choose excessively “thin” fighters at the start, especially if this is a character who should potentially play a major role in a team - for example, Anti-Mage.

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