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How To Track A Cellphone Location Without Them Knowing.

Different people use spy software to track a cell phone location among other purposes. Majority of the people who use cellphone spy software are young and middle-aged parents. This is mainly because of the little time they have for their teenage kids who are exposed to the internet. Due to the little control and supervision the parents have on their children, it may lead to mischief and misusing the internet. It is for this reason that many parents have been looking or spy software for their children. Spouses can also use cellphone spy software to catch their cheating spouses.

Top spy programs you can use to track a cell phone location

There is a large number of spy programs in the internet today that you can use to track a cell phone location among many other things. Some of the top spy programs include the following;

1. MSpy

This is a tracking software that is compatible with most of the cell phone devices today. Some of the devices it can be used in include Windows, Android and even macOS. This app is not limited to phones only, it can be used to also track computers and laptops. It is due to this feature that this app is not only used by parents and spouses but also be employers on workplace computers. Some of the special features of this app include the following;

  • With this app, in addition to the ability to track a cell phone location, you can get access to emails, browsing history call history and even messages. You can also get access to photos and videos in the devices you are tracking.
  • You have remote access and control of the device you are tracking. This way, you are able to resist use of certain apps and even block them from being used by the phone you are tracking.

2. Track a cell phone location with Hoverwatch

This is a program that is free to download and install in the phone of the person you wish to track. Using this program is pretty simple. All you need to do is to log in and create an online account. The only details you need for this is your email address and a password of your own picking. Ensure that you choose a password that you will easily remember. The password should not also be very simple so that anyone can access your account. From the online account, download the app into the phone of the person you wish to track and then install it and you are ready to go. Some of the special features of this program include the following;

  • It is able to remain visible once installed in the cell phone. This way, it is possible to monitor the activities the phone is involved in without being noticed. The invisibility feature also ensures that the app is not discovered and deleted by the person you are tracking.
  • In addition to getting access to the location of the phone, you also get access to all their messages, pictures, videos and even social media activities.


Just like Hoverwatch, this app is also easy to install and use. You log in into your online account and input your email address and your password. Then download the app from your online account and install it in the phone of the person you want to track and you’re ready to go. This app is very popular because it has additional features that many other apps do not have. Some of the features of this app include the following;

  • The ability to block apps in the phone you are spying on and restrict the usage time of the phone. This is very beneficial for parents because they are able to limit the time their children spend on their phones.
  • The app also allows you to record all the calls, messages, view their photos and videos and even their documents and calendar. This allows you to know all the activities your child or your spouse is involved in.
  • You can also monitor their activities on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp.


There are many spy software in the internet today that many people can use for different purposes. Most of these apps that can be used to spy on people are invisible and they cannot be found easily and deleted by people you are tracking, The top apps that ca be used to spy on people include MSpy, Hoverwatch,com and Spyzie. In addition to being able to track a cell phone location, these apps can also be used to track social media and other activities the phone is involved in.

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